Personal Brands

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Everyone of us represents a brand for our society

Experts in abroad have already found the truth. They realized that not only celebrities, but every single person is a unique brand with huge potential.

To release this potential and make the personal brand sucessful it is necessary to manage and systematically develop the brand. But how to do that? A lot of sources recommand to publish on Facebook frequently, to make a professional presentation on LinkedIn, to promote a personal web sites and to write blogs daily. Is it really enough?

No doubt, an intensive personal marketing could be a good way how to obtain attention, but you cannot use it as a base for building a strong personal brand. Such a brand can do without the Facebook and Google…

personal brands

„Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.“

…said a few years ago Jeff Bezos, the founder of the internet giant

It is our reputation (actually what people say about us when we are not in the room), what affects our lives on the most practical level. Behind closed doors there is decided if we passed an important examination, how much money will we get as a salary, if we deserve a good carrier or business opportunity, even if we are a good partner for life.

At these moments it emerges how we had taken care of our brand. Either it is a guarantee of quality and brings repeatedly success to us or conversely. Time for a question, how to take care of your personal brand to be the most helpful in your professional and also private life.

How to get more carrier or business OPPORTUNITIES?

How to become a sought-after EXPERT?

How to get more succesful in your RELATIONSHIPS?

How to
build a cool

How to DIFFERENTIATE from the others and stand out from the average?

How to increase our PRICE on the market?

How to increase our personal CHARISMA?

How to become a successful personal brand?

Every personal brand needs a different approach. There is a difference between managing a personal brand of salesman, who is interested in higher sales, employee, who wants to build a career, manager, who needs to be followed and respected by his people, an entrepreneur, seeking for new business partnerships, or a high school graduate who is looking for his first job…etc.

Nevertheless there is one rule that is common for all personal brands, with no exceptions. When we want to be percieved as a strong and successful personal brand, we have to build such a brand in our head first. Before we see ourselves as a charismatic brand, no one else will see us see that way.

Proposition of special trainings for companies

Practical methods of personal brands development are the key proposition of a unique educational program called „HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL BRAND?“ that uses the latest scientific know-how in the field of personal development to release the unsuspected potential of human brands.

The key mission of all courses is to help participants with building a successful personal brand in their minds. The trainings are focused on three areas:


how we are
by others


In what condition is your brand and how to
release its potential


how to sell ourselves

how to?


The basis of a charismatic personal brand is a healthy self-confidence. A common characteristic of all outstanding personalities is their awareness of value and uniqueness of their brand. Unfortunatelly, most of us are convinced we don´t have any extraordinary value. Conversely, we are our biggest critic and „tyrant“. We permanently punish ourselves with thoughts about our insufficiencies…that we look ugly, we are not skilled, mentally retarded, we have bad luck, shortly we are losers. Therefore it is highly needed to learn the art of self-respect.


A path to a successful and self-confident personal brand leads through self-cognition. Often we do not have any clue, what are our talents, how to find and release our hidden potential. The difference between us and the biggest stars mostly doesn´t come from the fact they are gifted and we are not. Everyone of us has an „masterpieces discipline“. Something we are outstanding in. But the great guys got their leading position because they recognized their talent and learned to handle it perfectly. In the second step we have to find our „owner´s manual“ and read it very properly.


After we are done in the area of self-confidence and we made an audit of our presonal brand, we are ready to start with personal marketing. At this moment can focus on words like brand identity, competitive advantage, communication channels, target audience and brand strategy. In this third, final step we are supposed to learn professional marketing tricks that can help us to sell our personal brand on the market. And the Facebook will also come to the agenda…

References of participants

„Logical structure, significant impact to key points of personal branding. The tangible output is a template of key learnings that allows the participant to return repetedly to the lessons learned...what is crucial taking in account the long-term process of building a personal brand.“

Ing. Vít Ratislav, MBA

I think every course that gave me one good input for my practical life is useful. This training was very interesting and inspiring not only for my professional life but also on the level of my private life. I realized what mistakes I made in the education of my sons and also in the motivation of my team.

Alena Malátová

It was a good experience to find out how other people percieve me. The best part of the training was the chapter focused on my personal competitive advantage. I learned that my differentiation has to grow from my natural talents and I do not have to waste my time striving to improve my weaknesses any more.

Libor Šrámek

* average score

Trainings proposition

For Managers

Managers represent a very specific group of personal brands. They have in their hands not only manage-ment of other personal brands but they also have significant influence on position of the company brand from the market perspective. Should the manager be able to manage effectively brands around, (s)he needs to know how to handle his or hers own personal brand first.

For Salesmen

To become a successful salesperson in todays competition, means to work hard on one´s personal brand. To promote it marketwise and to spread its positive reputation. This is the best way, how to get new buisness opportunities and increase sales. Therefore every salesperson should be aware of all tricks in personal marketing.

For Employees

Success of every company depends on quality of its team and health of its inner culture. These two basic assets create a real competitive advantage. If a company wants to strengh-ten a market position of its brand, then needs to start with development of per-sonal brands in the team. This training is suitable for internal academy or talent programs.

About the author

Ing. Filip Kahoun, Ph.D. graduated from Economics and Management at University of Southern Bohemia. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Marketing (in 2005) at the University of Economics in Prague. Throughout the entire study he had been interested in personal branding that finally became the subject of his doctoral thesis. .

Filip Kahoun has extensive experiences in strategic marketing. For ten years he worked in top management of international corporations as a Marketing Director for the Czech Republic and later for Central and Eastern Europe. His teams have won a number of prestigious, national awards in the area of PR, online and marketing communication. At the present he is focused on marketing educational programs and publishing.


Marketing Director for CEE region


Marketing Director for CZ in GENERALI

Direct sales Director in ČESKÁ POJIŠŤOVNA

Managing director in CALLIN


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